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Work With Me

Below you will find information and links to all the varied offerings available. There are in person
and online workshops and ongoing circles, self study courses for you to take at your own pace and
one to one coaching and mentoring.

I also craft courses, experiences and workshops for organisations and groups, so if there’s
something that you would like to offer, then see more on current collaborations below or get in

In Person Workshops, Groups & Courses

I offer a range of ways to learn and experience our kinship with all the beautiful life around us. These range from one day workshops to residential circles over several days. The most recent of the in person gatherings is the Imaginal Horse Circles.

Imaginal Horse Circles & Gatherings

As we moved into the transition to the deep velvet darkness of the mid Winter Dreaming, all the elements for these circles arrived and the invitations went out…….. There is a core circle that meets around the New Moon each month, with a herd of horses here in West Wales, travelling with them to the Imaginal to be inspired by a new way forwards. Together with the horses, we then
explore through creative practice, the wisdom of the heart and its connection to the fullness of Life, ways to make these new discoveries and inspirations so, in our everyday lives, and with our beloveds and our communities…….

Self Study Courses

I offer two courses that you can follow at your own pace: Awakening to Kinship and Animal Communication Skills. You will receive a pdf of the workbook as a guide to the journey, together with audio files with all the background information and audios of the practices. You are welcome to get in touch at any time to ask questions and I am always very happy to hear about your

One to One mentoring and Coaching

This is offered to current and previous participants in the circles as well as anyone who has undertaken a self study course. Students have used these sessions to deepen into the practices, and to explore ways to understand the art of dialoguing with the ‘wild intelligence at the heart of the world’ in meeting the challenges of these times, and bringing these insights into form in their
everyday lives and with their communities.

External Collaborations & Projects

Current project is a collaboration with and, working together to teach
leadership skills to a small group of at risk youth in Gloucestershire, through storytelling, creative
arts, bushcraft, nature kinship practices and one to one and group coaching. The project supports
this group of young people to curate a creative work expressing their feelings and hopes around an
issue of concern that they choose.

Each young person will be leading a group of their peers and each group will work in collaboration
within their community, across all ages of people there, The plan is for this project to be repeatable
going forwards with other communities around the UK. A key aim is opening a space for young
people to have a voice about what concerns and inspires them, the skills and agency to speak of
this, to create something meaningful with their peers alongside weaving connection through their
home communities.

If you would like to have a conversation about how the work of Re-embracing Kinship might
enhance a project of yours, then get in touch HERE.

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Re-embracing Kinship