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It was a very beautiful and enriching day, I love the work you share and the simple gentleness with which it is offered. It feels as if a gateway has opened for me back towards myself and the sense of belonging I feel I always had as a child. I can feel a powerful shift within me, the alchemy of the heart field at work.

~ Emma. Kinship course participant

It was quite simply unlike anything I have ever attended before or since. Moments from it have their permanent signature in my heart. It changed my relationship to myself and the world and all her amazing creatures. It was so beautiful it made me cry. It was so wonderful it made me laugh out loud in deep joy. Bringing the grace and truth of Mother Earth and her Creatures into your awareness, Catriona is messenger of an extraordinary invitation to step into more of who you are. Her grounded and dynamic teaching leads as it inspires. Championing the land and the animal kingdom Catriona walks a living path of passionate engagement with the urgent call of our times.

~ Annie Armit, Equilibrium Consultancy

I found a way of being and understanding for myself that has affected me to the core. My understanding and communication is a bonus to follow and grow.........
A profound 2 days - uncomfortable at times - but honest, moving and unforgettable. The start of a wonderful journey - thank you

~ Lou. Animal Communication Skills Course

A grounding, enlightening, eye opening experience that feels like the beginning of a long and wonderful journey.

~ Ruth

I came expecting 'something to do with animals'. I didn't expect to heal my relationship with horses after a childhood of riding stables. I didn't expect to learn how to experience love, I didn't expect to journey deep into my own heart. To leave having done all these and know how to talk with animals is a bit of a miracle, Now I just have to work out how to fit back into the world.......

~ J.D.

The concept of kinship with the more-than-human world has been at the center of my professional work. This course drew me into practices of kinship that have deeply enriched both my understandings and my ways of being in the world. Cat is a wise woman guide, and I am incredibly grateful for her teachings!

~ Brooke Hecht, Chicago USA

I really enjoyed Catriona’s Animal Communication course and found it super helpful in developing my relationship with my puppy and cats. Due to covid it was held on zoom over a number of weeks, and I loved the spaciousness between sessions. I felt I could get my teeth into the practices and play with them in my home environment. The material translated well in this medium, and the resources were really fab. It was an intimate group. Cat held the space beautifully, her knowledge and expertise shone through the work. I would recommend it to anyone who would like to deepen their relationships in this way”

~ C. Bonser. CK practitioner

The course has made a wonderful difference to and for all the animals that live with us- and I include myself in that too! There is a gentleness and calmness between them all and most interestingly more trust between them. They all come and spend time with me individually which is fab.
If I’m going out without Ella or I want her to go for a walk without me I talk to her in pictures now and I do believe she gets the message as she goes off quite happily, which she wouldnt have done before.

~ V. Garratt

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Re-embracing Kinship