Animal Communication Skills


If you have wanted to be able to understand the lives and experiences, the hopes and wishes of the creatures in your life, then this course leads you through a methodology for creating a deep connection with them.? It is a study that leads you to a felt experience of your innate ability to connect in this way.? The course leads you, step by step, through the methods I have developed and used over nearly 30 years in my animal osteopathy and healing practice.

The premise underpinning this work, is that an ability to understand the communications of the creatures in our lives is an innate skill, not a special skill or gift bestowed to a few.? Each practice builds on the proceeding ones and is accompanied by audio file tutorials that share with you the anatomy and physiology at the root of the practices.? The course materials? include a guidebook that serves both as a map for the course and also contains text of the background information and context to the practices.

Alongside this you will receive audio files of the practices so that you can download them to your phone for ease of exploring with the creatures in your life.? This is ultimately a journey to the Meeting Place where we come into an awakening of ourselves as one of the multitudes in the Life of this Earth, and a place where the richness of that Life can open into fullness and flourish.