Awakening into Kinship


This course is created and offered to you as a journey, just like the ones in the old stories told by the ancestors around the fire at the heart of the human village??. It is offered in three parts; Beginnings – Around the Village Hearth, Wanderings – Listening Body, Listening Heart and Returning – Bearing Treasures

Here are some of the gifts that people have shared as their experiences of undertaking this practice of re-embracing kinship

  • Deepen your connection to the life in the place where you live
  • Foster deeper relationship with the land, your garden, the trees and plants and creatures
  • Deepen your connection to ?nature?, wherever you live, even in the heart of the city
  • Awaken your knowing of yourself as ?one of the myriad wild things? of this world
  • Learn practices that re-orientate us towards our True North
  • Learn practices that awaken your innate capacity to sense the uttering of the more-than-human life of this Earth
  • Understand the anatomy and physiology, that explains why this capacity is innate and not a special skill

You will receive the course as a pdf guidebook containing a map of the journey and audio file recordings.

Audio file recordings introducing you to the principles and core practices of re-embracing kinship and the anatomy, physiology and neuroscience underlying them.

A Guidebook created as a map for the course, guiding you through the steps throughout the whole journey.? This also contains? some written notes of the information shared in the tutorials and notes and suggestions for developing the practices.

Audio files of recordings of six core kinship practices shared on this course. You can download them to your phone if you wish so that you can take them with you easily as you develop the practices.


Beginnings – The Village Hearth

These practices are based on the premise that connection and belonging, reciprocity and kinship are the natural state of being of all life on this Earth, and that this is a way of being that most humans have removed themselves from.? We were almost all raised within a culture that has this separation in its? foundations.? This course is offer as a journey of remembering. A journey beginning at the village hearth, with a forming of intention for the way ahead.? Your explorations are mapped for you with written guides and accompanied by pre-recorded video tutorial and audio files through each step.

Our starting point is to awaken to the presence of beauty all around us.? It is an important prerequisite to understanding the difference between true connection and received communication, and what is merely our own opinions, beliefs and projections.? The starting place for this is to come to sense and know our bodies and our own emotional and physical landscapes more thoroughly. You are guided into this and through an ancient practice to unearth your intentions and longings for the journey.? Along the way you are guided towards a co-creation of these intentions with the more-than-human life you encounter.


Wanderings – Listening Body, Listening Heart

This is where we begin our explorations of what it means to be immersed in a web of kinship with all of Life on the Earth.? You are guided in taking your explorations and questions around this out onto the land, into your garden, to the trees and plants and the creatures intertwined in your life.? I will share with you some of the anatomy and physiology of our capacity for connection and understanding.? You will receive a workbook of written notes that go alongside the video tutorial explaining this and the elegant and nuanced listening that the heart is doing with every beat, all the moments of your life.? This then leads into the practice of listening with the heart, a core kinship practice, one which opens up our capacity for understanding and experiencing the interbeingness of all Life.

Returning – Bearing Treasures

In this part of the course, you are guided into realising the gifts that you are carrying and to explore what they inspire in you in the weeks and months ahead, as you return to the place of the beginnings of your journey.? In completing the circle, the journey opens and becomes a spiral, going always wider and deeper.? There is an audio file sharing a simple and very grounding technique for releasing distress when it arises in our listening to the more-than-human life.