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Online Offerings

Before these times of Covid 19, I had not imagined offering courses online. It seemed at odds with the whole idea of being in connection with the web of life; through the practices of kinship, directly experiencing ourselves as one of the many in the life on this Earth.

In postponing a couple of the planned courses for this Summer, I ran a remote day of training for a small organisation that had invited me to lead some gatherings. The good folks were in London and I was in my little office at home in West Wales. The day worked remarkably well. I was intrigued by this.

As I have now postponed more courses, I have begun offering the participants a chance to meet together online, and begin studying the materials. My resistance to all things tech and virtual, has been completely overridden by my excitement at the prospect that when we can all meet at the originally intended venue, we will be able to dive so much more deeply into the work. That we can find ourselves more deeply embedded within the circles of belonging, right at the start of our days together. So, if you would like to join one of these online study groups, then there’s more information on the Events page or, alternatively be the first to know and hear of subscriber only discounts by clicking the Subscribe button found at the bottom of each web page.

At the same time as I was creating the materials for those study groups, I began to get requests from people asking for self study materials and so the whole idea of online, on demand courses came into being. The courses outlined on this page, are offered as a way for you to explore your kinship with the Life all around and are made as a journey for you to follow at your own pace and with the land, places or creatures that you love.

I am here if you want to share your experiences, your intentions and discoveries and if you need to ask any questions along the way. And of course it also means that these practices are available right now, wherever you are, to support you as we find our way ahead in these times of so much uncertainty and loss.

I feel like these times call for practices like these. And so I’m delighted to be able to offer them to you in this form.

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Re-embracing Kinship